[A Taste of the Real World] Don't Hesitate! Face the Challenges!
[A Taste of the Real World] Don't Hesitate! Face the Challenges!
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   There are many people around me who hesitate about getting involved in extracurricular activities these days. However, my point here is that, if there is something that you want to do, just go for it without any hesitation but be responsible once you have started! Companies are not just looking for people with good academic background but also with experiences on extracurricular activities.
   In my case, I participated as a reporter of the school newspaper from my freshman to junior years. Also I established a rock band called ?elease,?and took part in it as well. My first internship outside school was a six-months-term curator in a museum. To be frank, working as a full time intern in the museum for six months and receiving 300,000 won per month, without any extras given for food expenses, was not an easy task for a student out of school. Generally, expecting to get a ?ain Role?from the beginning of the internship is not recommended. Once you get used to simple tasks like photocopying, people will naturally give you a name like ?iligent person?and value your ability.
   My goal is to become a movie director by starting as a program director. So I applied for CJ Media? open internship. Since it was an internship in a major company, I had to go through four written exams during the three months starting from March. My experience as an intern and a reporter of the school newspaper contributed prominently in the four stages of the exam. Like the saying, ?o pain, no gain,?I was able to get accepted by CJ and my footsteps heading towards the office building at Cheong-dam Dong were considerably lighter.
   As I got accepted amidst high competition and through various stages of screening, the level of work was also hard. It was an opportunity in which I could gain experience and familiarize myself with practical business affairs by working with the Mnet program director team and learning about different functions of a program and new media operations. Of course, I saw many entertainment stars and it was interesting to receive greetings from idol groups like ?uper Junior.?However, the most memorable experience was when I worked as an assistant director of a live program. The program that I was in charge of was called ?lash! Music Video Survival,?which started at 1:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. It was an interactive program which I showed the viewers a list of music videos and turned on the music video which received the most votes through text message. Through receiving a lot of text messages and watching the selected music video, I could understand the current trend of popular music and gain knowledge about the system of how a program is produced and operated. In my opinion, the most important aspect of an internship is the attitude of oneself to feel and learn a lot of the atmosphere of the real workplace regardless of the workload.

Lee Mi-ji (Korean Lang. & Lit., 4)

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