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01면 Ewha Voice

Students gather at “A Whole New Ewha” to voice their demands
Very first Start-up Festival meets with great success
Right Light Festival highlights necessity of prejudice-free society

02면 Campus News

Students participate in “A Whole New Ewha,” demand changes
Right Light Festival embraces various voices of society
Acorn storage boxes installed on campus

03면 Campus News

Colleges hold festivals featuring distinct characteristics
Ludens holds an exhibition Bead, Learn, Speak to discuss queer, vegan and feminist issues

04면 Culture

Marché, a venue where farmers greet customers
Traditional Tales meet feminism with book club Gu-o

05면 Special

Women in cyber security: Dawn of a new era
Ahn Hye-yeon of WISET emphasizes women workforce in cyber security

06면 Social Issues

Stopping the usage of paper receipts to fight climate change
Art Space holds communal events to support female artists and their works

07면 Editorial/Opinion

Milton’s Preconditions for Freedom
My Body, My Art
Frankenstein’s irony

08면 People

Secrets of nightlife in Gangnam revealed by one book
Activist Han Hye-kyung strives to make a better world for the visually impaired