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01면 Ewha Voice

Emotion aims to further unify Ewha
Korean dance students demand meeting with former dean
Student council discusses key issues with school president

02면 Campus News

“Never-ending change, together with 15,000 students”
Student council confirms differences with school
Notice with guidelines for tourists attached on Ewha Welcome Center
Second briefing session on the school swimming pool shows no progress after seven months

03면 Campus News

Ewha students reach out on YouTube
Graduate School of International Studies launches a blog

04면 Culture

Student club “ETHA” strives to curb gambling in society
Newsletter platforms attract millennial readers

05면 Special

Farewell, 2019
Welcome, 2020
General Student Council holds first 2019 Student Voting
Hong Kong demonstrations divide Korean campuses
Commemorating the 65th anniversary of Ewha Voice
2019 Overseas Coverage Special: Finland IT education & Sweden Problem-based Learning
Consultative body brings change to campus

06면 Social Issues

Government plan to foster young business people nearby campus fails
Seoul plans to provide amended “Youth Allowance” starting 2020

07면 Editorial/Opinion

The Validation that You Don’t Actually Need
Never ending dominos of life

08면 People

Senior YouTuber mila_no_nonna shares insight of life, fashion and Europe
Ondo warms the world through Korean traditional music