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01면 Ewha Voice

Discussion rises on changes in graduation thesis and exam
Ewha Alumnae celebrate 2019 Homecoming Day
School adopts G Suite for Education to improve EUREKA Portal email service

02면 Campus News

Office of Facilities Management proposes three possible solutions on Ewha Swimming Pool closure
School improves working conditions for ECC parking administration office
School adopts G Suite for Education

03면 Campus News

School gears up for 133rd Daedong Festival

04면 Special

What is MICE? : Why universities and society focus on the MICE industry
MICE on campus
MICE in industry

06면 Social Issues

Students support laborers to mark International Workers’ Day
Withdrawing prejudice on schizophrenia patients with radio 10 Decibel

07면 Editorial/Opinion

Essays, Term Papers, and Research Papers – Oh My!
A new way of releasing stress: yoga
Monetized influence –is this acceptable?

08면 Culture & Trends

Young Lab CEO focuses on finding values in lives
Park Ji-won, CEO of SAIB & Co., confronts sexual bias against women with her company