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01면 Ewha Voice

The history of first women’s hospital abused
Re-cap on 2019 Daedong Festival

02면 Campus News

First Korean female doctor Esther Park’s career began at Ewha
OIA budget cut hits student programs
School announces survey results on cyberbullying

03면 Campus News

Ewha Pavilion reopens as Ewha Art Pavilion
School organizes exhibition on Hermann Hesse
College of Education holds 2019 Emma Lecture

04면 Special

Efforts to cut down plastic on and off campus

06면 Social Issues

Advancement of fintech takes a step towards a cashless society
Meditation techniques evolve to suit the needs of the rising generation

07면 Editorial/Opinion

Tourist Problems on EWHA campus
Nostalgia’s Irony
For poetry makes nothing happen

08면 Culture

Kang Bo-ah, producer of “Memories of the Alhambra,” encourages students not to give up their dream
Efforts underway to ease regulations for electronic kickboards