Ewha Voice Critique: A Word From Our Readers
Ewha Voice Critique: A Word From Our Readers
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  • 승인 2006.09.01 00:00
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   To be very honest, as an outsider of Ewha Woman's Univeristy I have not had the privilege of coming across Ewha's monthly English newspaper, "Ewha Voice" so often. But my recent finding of a copy of the March 2nd edition of Ewha Voice came to me as a pleasant and anticipating surprise. Unfortunately my actual reading of Ewha Voice was somewhat of a disappointment.
   There were a few interesting articles to read and yet I could not help but feel that for the better part of the newspaper I felt out of the circle; without being an Ewha student, or at least a woman for that matter, I had no other way of relating to the topics of the articles. In some ways this could be a strength of the newspaper itself, because it makes the newspaper exclusive to Ewha University students. But I think if the topics of the articles were targeted at a wider range of readers, then Ewha Voice will be recognized not only as a local school newspaper but also as an up-to-date leading source of information, something that will definitely be beneficial for both the school and Ewha Voice.
   Moreover, Ewha Voice would also be heard more if the newspaper heard the voices of the readers. TIME magazine and NEWSWEEK both have a very appealing section in their journals and that is the "Letters' section." In the "Letters' section," readers of the magazine send feedbacks and comments on various articles of previous weeks. If Ewha Voice could integrate such  section into their newspaper I am certain that Ewha Voice will receive much more attention and interest in the upcoming years. 

By Lee Eun-u (Handong Global University, 1)

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