University Stadium May Undergo Construction
University Stadium May Undergo Construction
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  • 승인 2002.12.04 00:00
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University Cabinet has been discussing its development plans for the area underneath the University Stadium since October. As of yet, no specific plans have been announced by the school administration. However, it is said that professors plan to use the space for student activities.
"As of now, we are in the process of discussing possibilities. But there doesn"t seem to be any more space left to develop on ground level. So, our plans center around developing the University Stadium," says Professor Park Kyung-hee (Business Administration). "However, if we do develop the space beneath the University Stadium, a lot of things must be considered such as ventilation, and we have to consider the scale of the financial investment as well as the large scale of construction," she adds.
Whether the space under the University Stadium will be allocated purely for student activities is still unclear. "More specific plans will be announced as soon as things progress," says Park.

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