Ewha's MBA to Start
Ewha's MBA to Start
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   The Master of Arts (MA) program at Ewha's Graduate School of Business Administration will be transformed into an MBA (Master of Business Administration) program this September. The term of study will be two years and 140 students will be admitted from May.
   Ewha's MBA program was approved by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development on March 15 along with five other universities's MBA. "The difference between the MA and the MBA is that practical courses will increase in intensity and quality. Ewha's MBA will be founded on three principles: "Women's Leadership Education," "Education to Meet Needs," and "Practical Education," says Professor Chung Moon-jong, Associate Dean for Academic and Students Affairs in the Department of Business Administration.
   Changes from the current curriculum include an increase from 30 to 45 credit hours required for graduation and the adoption of a 1.5 credit system. "By introducing 1.5 credit courses, we can provide many courses and meet the needs of students who want to become professionals in diverse fields such as health care management and arts management. Also we can reinforce the foundation of basic courses," says Chung.
   Other features of the MBA include job placement opportunities through a corporate partnership program, internship, and student exchange programs with universities like Carnegie Mellon and France? Lille 1 University. Also, the program will offer courses taught by industry experts and CEOs through partnership companies such as Deloitte and Citigroup. Ewha has invited 60 CEOs to date to teach as professors.
   "Ewha's MBA pursues Candor, Excellency, and Openness, which have the same first letters as CEO (Chief Executive Officer). With this in mind, our goal is to secure our position as one of the top five business schools in Korea and become one of the top 100 business schools in the world within ten years," adds Chung.

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