International MBA Programs Are within Your Reach
International MBA Programs Are within Your Reach
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▲ The invited MBA admission directors gave advice about MBA school admission procedures to the participants of the MBA Tour.Photo by Kim Na-hyun

   In the near future, the Ewha Graduate School of Business will be entering a strategic alliance with the prestigious Carnegie-Mellon Tepper School of Business and will redesign its curriculum to include a dual-degree program - bachelor's degree plus MBA, involving study both at Ewha and abroad.
   What exactly is an MBA? Why is it so sought after? The Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree is one of the most widely recognized post-graduate degrees. The intention of a MBA program is to prepare individuals for responsible positions in business - usually managerial positions.
   The most obvious reasons MBA programs attract so many candidates, including both recent graduates and people already in business, are the high starting salaries and respectable positions in reputed companies available to MBAs. Best of all, there is a good chance of being recruited even before completing the course, assuming your business school is among the top 15 in the U.S. For these reasons, students in Korea are showing great interest in MBA schools in the U.S.
   However, the expenses for tuition, housing, meals, and transportation are deterrents to many who think about applying to American MBA schools. Besides, learning an international perspective on business or learning the way Americans do business does not necessarily have to be taught in the U.S.
   This thinking is behind the Ewha Business School's newest plans. In addition to the Carnegie-Mellon partnership, through joint partnership with universities in France and Germany, the school will further expand its exchange and dual-degree programs. Professor Suh Yoon-suk (Business Administration) states, "The future stage of Ewha MBA programs will be composed of only online courses so that even busy professionals have the opportunity to seek an advanced degree in business. The online system will enable more partnership programs with business schools worldwide." Professor Suh adds that the Ewha MBA School will not be following the path of the traditional Korean MBA system, but that it will be targeting a niche market by collaborating with business in specialized areas like entertainment management.
   Moreover, for those who need an introductory level or general education in business before applying for MBA schools or stepping into the real business world, Ewha will provide online non-degree business courses called an "Action e-MBA." In fact, there are already two curricula in place - Action e-MBA and Action e-MBA/e-Biz Strategic Management. Currently, input by renowned business professors and CEOs is one of the greatest assets of this program. Professor Suh, who is also the director of Action e-MBA, says that the school will make strenuous effort to fit this online program into its current and future degree program.

<Insider Tips from Top MBA Admissions Directors>

Hundreds of people interested in applying for MBA schools participated in an MBA Tour at the Sogong-dong Lotte Hotel on September 10 with 50 world - renowned business schools attending. At the tour, a representative from Rice University named Lisa, joined a small group of MBA aspirants to give some tips on admission procedures.

Essay Writing
·Follow the requirements of the school you apply, especially word limit.
·Address all the specific topics requested by the school.
·Indicate what you would contribute to the MBA program and subsequently to the school as an alumnus.
·Be yourself and don't act.
·Do some background research on the school and the program.
·Think about some of the questions you might be asked and consider how you would answer them.
Letters of Recommendation
·Choose people in business or education.
·Don't choose someone from your family, even if you are in a family business.
·Choose people who would be willing to devote some time to writing good recommendation letters.

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