Words from the participants
Words from the participants
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  • 승인 2005.09.01 00:00
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◆ "The work of the organizing committee was magnificent and the conference was an impressive event. I think this conference for women is very effective because women have to be in the forefront of discussions, solving various problems that have a big influence on future generations. This was an effective and important conference not just for us but for future generations as well."

- Olena Shubravska (Ukraine / chairperson)

◆ "What impressed me the most from this conference is that although there are not so many female scientists and engineers, they all cooperated to solve different problems in less developed countries. Cooperation was just great."

- Ahn Eun-yong (Korea / volunteer)

◆ "What excited me the most about the ICWES13 was just learning from each other, finding some great programs out there and getting the synergy between all of us to really try to make improvements. I had such a great time in Korea and am very impressed at the progress you are making as a country. I can see how you are very committed to the program because you have done a tremendous job hosting this conference."

- Nancy Greco (U. S. / participant)

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