Words from the participants
Words from the participants
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◆ "It was very well organized. The sessions went very smoothly, with no computer technical problems. Hospitality was very good and there were lots of student volunteers assisting from morning to evening."

- Shin-ichiro Iwamiya (Japan / speaker)

◆ "Just like how there should be coaches for atheletes ­ coaches who should study and know about nutrition, anatomy, and so forth ­ it is the same for musicians. We study the cognitive science of music to think of how people can learn music better."

- Pat Wilson (Australia / participant)

◆ "The cognitive science of music is really interesting, but at the same time it is very challenging. Because of the difficulty in designing and performing an experiment, it is difficult to obtain scientific knowledge on music."

- Cong Jiang (China / participant)

◆ "It's my first time to participate in an international conference as a volunteer and I experienced that there was much more work to do than I thought there would be. But because it was very well prepared by the organizing committee, I think everything went well."

- Kim Jun-ok (Korea / volunteer)

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