Ewhaians Harmonize through May Festival
Ewhaians Harmonize through May Festival
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   Celebrating Ewha's 119th Anniversary, the Daedong Festival, titled "Glorify Ewha," was held for three consecutive days from May 18 to 20. The Student Government Association (SGA)'s slogan was "I ♡ Ewha," which intended to promote students' participation and love of their school. The festival included a concert, performances, exhibitions, and sporting events. Also, for three days, food stands operated by colleges and clubs offered everything from drinks and quick snacks to filling lunches for Ewha students.
   On the 18th, unlike at former festivals, cheerleaders from other universities such as Dongguk, Konkuk, and Sungkyunkwan joined Pyrus, Ewha's cheerleading group, in the cheerleading event. Also, foreign students performed their musical talents through a singing contest.
   On the 19th, the "Ewha Family Festival" took place in the Welch-Ryang Auditorium. "The Daedong Festival has generally been led by the students. But to establish more complete harmony, all the members of Ewha family, including students, professors, and faculty, were asked to participate," said Lee Hyun-boon (Special Education, 3), the Director of Cultural Affairs for the SGA. A duet with Professor Kim Sang-gon (Voice) and the president of the SGA, Kim Se-hee (Voice, 4) was one of the festival's highlights.
   Also on the 19th, the Beautiful Store Organization, a charity group, came to campus to sell second hand items donated by Ewha students. The SGA co-hosted the event, which was intended to promote recycling as well as to raise money for disadvantaged people.
   The last day of the festival ended with the festival's most awaited events, Yeongsan Chuldarigi, a traditional Korean tug-of-war game, and the Gangkang Suwollae, a traditional circle dance performance by women. This year the excitement of the tug-of-war was made even greater by an accompanying drum performance.

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