Students Welcome Library Reform
Students Welcome Library Reform
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   This semester, the Central Library went through a major renovation. In accordance with students complaints about lack of seats in reading rooms due to students saving seats for other students, it adopted a new seating system, which allows only one seat per student. The book-lending system changed, too. The lending period extended from one to two weeks and the number of books allowed at a time increased from five to ten books. The Central Library also changed its desks, and remodeled the bathroom for the convenience of students.
   Most students seem to welcome these changes, since the library reading rooms give more spaces for students than before. Kim Kyung-min (Business Administration, 3) says, "I like the new system because I have my own designated seat. And students do not have to wander around to look for an empty seat."
   However, some oppositions still exist. "The seating system is irrelevant when there are not many people in the library. Even though there is no one waiting in line, you have to take the seat ticket and then turn it in. But it is convenient during the exam period," says, Kim Sun-ji (Science Education, 3).
   Moreover, graduates and students with leave of absence raised complaints since they are not allowed to enter the library during the exam period. Rim Hyun-ji (French Lang. & Lit., 3), a student on leave of absence, says, "Many students who take leave of absence do so because they want to study. Preventing us from entering the library during the exam week is understandable but two weeks before is unreasonable." However, faculty members of the library said that this change was inevitable because there are not enough seats in the library.

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