4/19 Events Raise Ewha Students Consciousness
4/19 Events Raise Ewha Students Consciousness
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   An anniversary celebration commemorating the April 19, 1960 student protests that ended the Rhee Sung-man government was held in the Student Union Building. The celebration, sponsored by the Department of Sociology and Ewha Dream, the 37th Student Government Association (SGA), and titled "Speak Up to the Society" covered three themes and aimed to raise the awareness of Ewhaians regarding social issues.
   The 2005 4/19 Event "Speak Up to the Society" was held from April 18 to 20. On April 18, the first day of the event, "Dream towards Human Rights in North Korea" was the main theme. "LINK," an organization consisted of foreigners and Korean-Americans whose objective is to promote human rights in North Korea, also actively participated and supported the event by inviting North Korean dancers and performers. Photo exhibitions and documentary slide shows showing the violation of human rights in North were displayed as well. In addition, two North Korean defectors, a female college student and a former dancer back in the North, were invited to have discussions with students.
   On April 19, "Knowing Your 4/19 Rights" was the title of an event in which newspaper clippings and basic historical information on the 4/19 Revolution were illustrated. Posters emphasizing the importance of liberal democracy were illustrated as well.
   On April 20, the last day of the event, the theme was "Dream for Differently Abled People," The social volunteer's club, "Civitan," and students from the Special Education Department showed television clips highlighting discrimination practiced against differently abled people in society and put up posters explaining the mobility rights of these people that are being neglected. Forms to sign up for organ donations to differently abled people were distributed to students as well.
   However, some students thought the student participation during the three-day event was too limited. On the second day, Cho Yoon-kyung (Human Ecology, 1) said "I only found out about the 4/19 event today, but it would have been an insightful experience for me if I could have talked to the defectors from the North on the 18th. Maybe from now on the SGA should consider holding the 4/19 event a little before the midterms or after, not letting students miss out on such opportunities."

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