"Godmother" of the Ewha Mafia: Newsweek Korea Editor-in-Chief Lim
"Godmother" of the Ewha Mafia: Newsweek Korea Editor-in-Chief Lim
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▲ Lim beams in the field of media.
  There is a phrase called "Ewha Mafia" in today's Korean society where males fear the prowess and competence of Ewha graduates in the work field. Undeniably, Ewha graduates are reaching top positions as women leaders, despite the male-oriented working environment. Lim Do-kyung (81, Journalism), currently the Editor-in-Chief of Newsweek Korea is a vivid example of how women leaders overcome the obstacles of gender discrimination, as well as a good representative of the ?wha Mafia. Her extensive experience, from political journalist to food channel television talk show host, has helped Lim make a name for herself in this "man's world."
   Q: When did you first decide to become a journalist?
   A: When I was a freshman in high school I came upon a book titled "One Man" by Oriana Fallaci, an Italian journalist, which inspired me to pursue the career of journalism. I passed the journalism exam in the second semester of my senior year and ever since then I've concentrated on writing vital news and walking the path of a journalist.
   Q: As a college student what activities were you engaged in that helped you pursue the career of journalism?
   A: I was particularly interested in taking pictures for news reports and thus worked as a member of the Photography Club. Also, I challenged myself to take part in many unique experiences such as writing a drama scenario for a television station. I simply believed and still consider college days to be one of a student's last chances to take initiative toward finding what they want for the rest of their life and to venture forth a bit.
   Q: How do you feel about having graduated from Ewha?
   A: Ewha unarguably maintains the tradition of keeping a close network and inner circle among graduates and I believe the relationship between seniors and juniors is more tightly-knit than that of any other women's university. Even today, there was a lunch union among the members of the Ewha Journalism Club. It is always pleasant to see another Ewha graduate successfully climb the ladders of society even with vigorous discrimination and biases against females.
   Q: What would you like to advise your fellow Ewha juniors to do during their years in college?
   A: These days, college students do not seem to reflect a color of their own. They seem to have similar ideas, attitudes and goals in life. Nevertheless, playing safe is not always the correct answer and one must arduously endeavor to take on new experiences. This is really only possible in one's college days because during this time period one still has support from her parents and has the zeal of "simmering blood" within the young soul. Do not live an ordinary college life, but take a journey and see for yourself what the passion that lies upon your heart truly is.

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