What fascinates me: Busking Culture of South Korea
What fascinates me: Busking Culture of South Korea
  • Wenjin, Zhao
  • 승인 2018.03.21 13:05
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It is in Korea where I know the word ‘Busking’ in the very first time. I searched for the Korean word in the dictionary then I understand that it means street performance, performing in public places for gratuities or food, drink and gifts may be given.
Hongdae, famous for its youthful atmosphere, unique cafes, dance clubs, fashion outlets and busking, attracts young people all over the world. As the sun goes down it comes alive. I have ever been to Hongdae several times when I had travels in Korea before, nonetheless I went there in the day time always never feel the atmosphere of the night there. After I began my overseas study here, Ewha, where is extremely near to Hongdae, I nearly went there 2 to 3 times a week. I did not watch for the busking at first, in another word, I even did not take notice of that. I, practically, stopped to watch a busking from the third or fourth time I went there. From then on Hongdae became my favorite place to hang out in my Seoul life.
I'm from China where busking is not popular like Korea. I remember I only have seen singing busking in subway station of China. I must admit that there’s prejudice against busking and buskers in many countries. Most people don’t consider busking as a good thing and the passerby seldom stop to watch the busking. Whereas it seems that busking in Korean is daily lives for Korean people, as the government also puts efforts into supporting busking. Thus, it becomes a different experience for me, nearly, it was a culture shock for me. Even though I've heard a little about it and seen it in TV shows and movies, I never expected it to be a part of my daily life in Hongdae.
I remembered clearly it is on November 11th that I took out my phone and shoot busking videos for the first time. The busking I watched was from a busking team named ‘Red Crew’ with whom my life became inextricably bound up after. There are countless busking teams on Hongdae busking road everyday even some of them eventually get hired by entertainment agencies, however, I happened to be attracted just by this team. The reason why I like busking is that it connects the artist directly with the crowd and it is an opportunity for the buskers to do what they love. And they, Red Crew, do well in the interaction between buskers and audiences. Red Crew, as well as the audience, enthusiastically enjoy the performances a lot.
After that day I decided to start a fan-cam of Red Crew with a friend of mine and upload the videos to Youtube as well as Chinese Video Website. I never expect that I will get about 3thousand followers and nearly 1milliion hit and video playback amount. I am satisfied and grateful. When I think back, actually I'm not sure what drives me to do that I just feel relax and blessed when I watch for their busking, shoot their busking and edit the shootings. It can be said that I do it as an interest.
While, nowadays, a growing number of Korean citizens are frustrated by buskers who generate loud music without considering the neighborhood. Cause of that I have seen many buskers try their best to solve the problems. The present situation is that many busking teams together work in harmony to avoid the harm to the passerby and the public. I like the way they do.
The band ‘Busker Busker’ is also made by repeating the word ‘busker’, one who performs on the street. They participated in the audition for introducing their busking. It is they that made Korean people interested to participate in busking. Everyone has the right to have a dream and it is an extraordinary thing to do what you love to do in front of the public. All of the buskers are deemed to be amazing and repected!

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