Dream Project: The Ewha Campus Center (ECC)
Dream Project: The Ewha Campus Center (ECC)
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   In the midst of the severe competition among universities to secure and create a discriminating campus space in order to enhance university prestige, Ewha has established a highly futuristic, dynamic, and revolutionary project creating Korea's largest multi-purpose educational underground campus, "The Ewha Campus Center (ECC)." Under the motto, "Linking Ewha's 120 years of history and tradition to the future," Ewha plans to have the ECC completed by 2006, just in time to meet Ewha's 120th anniversary.
   On Feb. 2, 2004, Dominique Perrault, a French architect, was selected as the designer for the ECC. His design was praised for fulfilling the aspects of landscape, typology, and technology. He was especially commended for transforming the vacant valley into a three to five story space resembling "Les Camps Elysees."
   The 'avenue' which will run over the underground valley is designed to resemble the Campidiglio of Rome and the 'entry court' will be the pathway which leads to outside areas of Sinchon. An open area, referred to as the 'node' and the 'forum', will be opened for student interaction and discussion. The 'piazza' will be a resting place for students. For cultural enhancements, the outdoor theatre with a sculpture garden is to be built for holding various performances and events of all kinds.
   The ECC will consist of 12,000 pyong for study rooms, multimedia lecture halls, and cultural spaces such as galleries, book cafe, bookstores, fitness centers, with the remaining 8,000 pyong reserved for parking space.
   The campus valley will act as an underground bridge that connects the following: Clara Hall, Case Hall, Pfeiffer Hall, Thomas Hall, Gibbion Hall, and the University Stadium. The reason for this connection throughout the entire campus ground is to eliminate the boundary between the old and the new, the past and the future, and the city environment and nature.
   The purpose of this master plan is threefold: Establishing an environment-friendly underground campus space for a long-term development demand; accepting the idea of creating a ?earning community according to changing educational circumstances; and most importantly, to celebrate the 120 years of history and vision that will bring Ewha into the future.

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