New liberal arts courses on national security
New liberal arts courses on national security
  • Lim Ye-ju
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National security courses broaden education at Ewha

HOKMA College of General Education introduced five new subjects in relation to national security this semester. These subjects were established under the terms of agreement regarding the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) between the Ministry of Defense and the school earlier last year. Although the courses were initially designed for students interested in the ROTC program, they are open to all students.
“Two visiting professors who served in the military will teach these courses. Out of a total of 50 applicants, the final two professors were selected after a screening and mock lecture,” explained Kim Jung-sun, Dean of HOKMA College of General Education. “They have put in a lot of effort into getting used to the university setting and preparing for their lectures. Their focus is not only on the subject itself, but also the prospect of women in the military as well.”
Five subjects fall under the category of national security: National Security Studies, Introduction to the History of Weapons Systems, North Korean Studies, Intorudction to the History of War, and Introduction to Leadership. National Security Studies focuses on understanding the basis of national security, its problems and means of maintenance. Introduction to the History of War allows students to study wars, comprehend how war has changed throughout the years, and develop an insight for future wars. North Korean Studies discusses North Korea and speculates adequate ways to handle the North-South relationship.

Introduction to the History of Weapons Systems discusses the development of the weapon system and its relation to national security. Introduction to Leadership helps students develop the necessary skills to become leaders in the modern society.
Taking national security courses ensures students various benefits. For students who register for the ROTC program later on, it will account for bonus points in the admission process. For other students, they will gain additional points when applying to industries in relation to national security or the army. Besides these benefits, Kim expects the courses to open a new genre of interests for the students of Ewha.
“Women has been excluded from the military for a long time,” Kim said. “Taking these courses will allow students to experience the military field, and attract them into considering the military for future careers.”
As of now, around five students have enrolled in each class.
“Not many students have enrolled due to the lack of advertisement and the students’ tendencies to avoid new classes,” Kim mentioned. “However, the specified purpose of these subjects will have to be taken into consideration before deciding on the cancellation.”
Kim encouraged students to seize this opportunity. 
“If you are in any way interested in fields related to the military, please make use of this course as opportunities that give you this kind of military experience are rare,” Kim remarked. “It may actually be easier to pioneer in this field because there have been limitations on women’s advancement. It is now time for women to broaden their career field.”

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