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Quoting Ewha Voice in 2016 1
2016년 11월 29일 (화) 16:04:48 Ewha Voice evoice@ewha.ac.kr
86 days of sit-in protest.

“I resign to continue the Ewha spirit of harmony and trust. I swear there was no favoritism involving Chung Yoo-ra. That is not simply possible at Ewha.”
Former president Choi Kyung-hee

To use a word that can sum up 2016, it would be “eventful.” This year reminded us that the true owner of the school is its student body. The Ewha community has voiced out the rights of their memebers through disonance and conflicts which have led to the resignation of President Choi Kyung-hee. Off campus, Ewha Voice sought women’s empowerment. In Japan, people have been fighting for the rights of “comfort women" and in the US, women have strived toward gender equality through sports. With the year nearing its end, Ewha Voice looked back on significant news of 2016 on and off the campus.

“The lack of sufficient communication between students and the school has led to the students’ demonstration against former President Choi.”


Ewha’s first ROTC.

Professor Kim Hye-sook of Philosophy and the Scranton Honors Program

PRIME, CORE and LiFE College: these are the names of some controversial decisions made by the school this year. The 86-day sit-in protest at the Main Building started as a student protest against the establishment of LiFE College, which was the burst of students’ built-up voices demanding proper communication between school and students. In addition, lack of apology regarding the intervention of 1,600 police officers and the allegations of special treatment to Chung left President Choi a discredited figure in the Ewha community. Amid growing calls from students and professors for President Choi and the school to take responsibility, President Choi resigned on Oct. 19. Honorary President Yoon Hoo-jung also resigned all of her posts in Ewha on Nov. 16.

“The establishment of the ROTC program will bring Ewha’s leadership capabilities to the army and contributing to changes in society.”
Kim Woon-jung, staff of Planning and Coordination

The school became the third women’s university in Korea to establish the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program. While the school has largely invested for the program such as building the ROTC Hall, some students opposed arguing that the military has been greatly contributing to leading Korea into male-dominated society.


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