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School extends TELOS Major Track System
2016년 11월 29일 (화) 15:41:13 Pak Gee-na elizabeth215@ewhain.net

TELOS Major Track System, which has been operating since last semester, will be extended to operating 10 more tracks. 
TELOS is a school program that aims to provide customized education to students. Ten new tracks will be added to the existing 22 tracks that have proved successful, during the test operation.
TELOS was implemented to improve the existing major-centered education. Designed as a more flexible and efficient alternative to double or secondary majors, tracks help student develop skills required for their future career. After completion, a certificate of completion is awarded to each student at the time of graduation. Currently, approximately 500 students are participating. 
Each track requires students to take at least 18 credits including some designated majors or liberal arts classes and participate in various activities such as volunteer work and skill-related programs. Students can participate in one or two tracks each semester.
Since the beginning of this semester, the school has 10 new tracks in order to provide diverse majors tracks to the students. The new tracks are as listed below: Global Literacy (GL), Storytelling & Translation (ST) of English Language & Literature, Construction Finance Professionals for Next Generation of Architectural Engineering, Music Entrepreneurship & Business and Music and Criticism of Composition, LID: Learning & Instruction Design of Education Technology.
According to the Ewha Excellence Center, the school is planning to add eight more tracks in the next semester. This would include the Relations/Strategic Communication Track, Digital and visual media Track, Journalism Track of Communication & Media, Game, HCI, and SW contents Industry application Track, Open Source Software Developer Track and SW Convergence Leader Track of Computer Science & Engineering.
“We are trying our best to offer a variety of TELOS tracks and develop new tracks of each major to satisfy students’ needs for further training beyond academic knowledge,” said a representative of the Ewha Excellence Center.


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