Ewha Dream Wins The 37th SGA Election
Ewha Dream Wins The 37th SGA Election
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   Ewha Dream won the 37th Student Government Association (SGA) presidential election held from Nov. 24 to 26. Ewha Dream earned 3,652 votes, from the total of 7,242 ballots cast. Kim Se-hee (Voice, 4) was elected as president and Kang Sun-hee (Biology, 4) as vice president of the SGA 2005.
The opposing party Shooting Star consisting of presidential candidate Chang Yu-jin (Philosophy, 4) and vice presidential candidate Kang Bo-ra (Ceramics, 3) received 3,247 votes.
   The new SGA President Kim Se-hee says, "I am looking forward to the upcoming year. Ewha Dream will walk along with Ewha students like a friend. Until now, Ewha has given me so much. Now I've finally got the chance to give it back. We'll try our best to meet the needs of Ewha students."
   For the second consecutive year, the election had to be prolonged for a day, due to low participation (47 percent of the students voted for the first two days). According to the regulations of the SGA, more than 50 percent of the total number of enrolled undergraduate students must participate in the election for it to be approved.
   Ewha Dream proposed "making the best out of tuition fees" and "abandoning 'F's in the GPA as their main campaign pledges. Also, it brought plans to bring up the image of Ewha and to give students chances to speak up on social problems. Vice president-elect Kang Sun-hee says, "The most important part of our policies is building a network between the school, the students and the professors. Through interaction, we?l try our best to bring forth the utmost potential of Ewha students
   During the campaign period, both parties had to go through struggles since students raised questions on the credibility of the candidates pledges. Some students criticized that the election was not fair because the Election Committee took part in Shooting Star's campaigns. The president of the Club Association (a member of the Election Committee) showed support for Shooting Star in its homepage. For this, Shooting Star received a warning.
   Ewha Dream was almost removed from the candidacy for having an outsider write their campaign book. But since this was revealed after the elections started and the intervention being minor, Ewha Dream was excused after putting up posters of apology .

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