Sharing Ambition Of CLIP With People
Sharing Ambition Of CLIP With People
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   "I think it is okay to be a wanderer in your twenties. I still can't answer in a word what my ultimate goal is, but I know that I'll be working for the betterment of international relations. My encounter with Youth CLIP was the turning point that convinced me to act on this belief, says Kim Eun-woo, who is majoring in Development Cooperation in the Graduate School of International Studies at Ewha.
   Youth CLIP, the organization that Kim expresses deep attachment to, was founded in April 2003. The group mostly consisted of university students who have passion to develop themselves into international leaders. CLIP stands for Center for Leadership, Information and Professionalism, qualities that members believe youth in a global era should possess. The name CLIP also refers to the group's main activity, which is to clip together information on international events, programs, and internships, and share them with others. This year, Kim is one of the group's three Chief Directors who is in charge of taking care of various teams in Youth CLIP.
   Kim cherishes every experience she has had at Youth CLIP as a vital lesson in her life. She says that in the course of preparing for various international activities, she has learned the art of conducting and programming exhibitions, workshops, and other special events. One of her favorite projects was working on the restoration of one of the tumbling down pagodas in Gokseong-li, Southern Jeolla Province. Kim adds, "We have done so many more activities, such as hosting a camp for orphans and disadvantaged children during the month of Children's Day. Not many students have such experiences. But, in Youth CLIP, the impossible becomes possible. Just like the saying that the position makes the person, the time I spent with Youth CLIP has been a stepping stone and source of momentum for me.
   Besides being a "clipper and a student, Kim is also going through internship training at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). She has not yet taken on many tasks at the UNDP, but she hopes to move into a vital role within the organization by next year because, by then, despite her passion for Youth CLIP, she may need to retire from her position to offer leadership opportunities to junior clippers. However, Kim says that she will always be a helpful assistant and a supporter to future clippers.
Kim? fondest memory will be of working with the clippers. "Their passion for the improvement of global welfare has always stimulated me to strive for what I wish, not just in words but in practice."
   Kim has high expectations that Youth CLIP will expand its role in promoting international activities. She also hopes that, in the future, Youth CLIP will be accredited as a non-profit organization. In fact, Kim is attempting to accomplish that step while she is in office, but if her efforts turn out to be in vain, she believes that junior clippers will complete the task. However, progress requires effort and harmony within the organization. Hence, when Kim interviews people who apply for Youth CLIP, she makes sure to choose people who are willing to sacrifice their time and are able to do menial chores gladly. "I always emphasize to junior clippers not to expect much from Youth CLIP. Instead I advise them to devote their time and effort towards the improvement of the organization. Then I say that you will eventually discover your own path in the course of your experience at Youth CLIP, just like I did."

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