Grand opening of E-house but still under controversies
Grand opening of E-house but still under controversies
  • Lee Tae-hee
  • 승인 2016.09.12 10:23
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Despite being built in order to secure personal space and enable students to learn cooperation and communication by having a communal space, the E-house has met some dissatisfaction of its residents.
The eight new buildings can accommodate approximately 2,100 students, escalating the acceptance ratio of the dormitory from the previous 8.4 to 20 percent. For the residents’ convenience, the E-house provides students with new facilities such as cafés and convenience stores. Also, a dormitory link program is planned for the students.
However, some students have shown concerns over incomplete construction and amenities. Before then, there was a similar problem  for Hanwoori Hall C dong when it was open to students on the spring semester of 2016. Although the dormitory staff stated that such problems would not occur again with the E-house, complaints about the dormitory are rising. Even after the opening day, some units still needed silicone glazing on the windows and the ground floor rooms did not have blinds on the windows to ensure residents’ privacy.
Further complaints were written on the student community application “Everytime.” Clogged bathroom drains and loose electric wires sticking out of the ceiling were some comments from the residents. Many students agreed that the new dormitory was not ready to open.
Apart from the delayed construction, complaints about the facilities are another major issue. The individual rooms do not have locks, making students anxious about possible theft. Although the dormitory office uploaded a video on how to lock the door from the inside for a temporary expedient, anyone can open the door since there are neither digital door locks nor passwords.
The dormitory office explained that locks were not installed as a part of the Residential College project where students could learn to live with others. However, since the RC project did not come into action as originally planned when the E-house was designed, students are expressing discontent.
Controversy about individual rooms is also surfacing. While the dormitory fee is equivalent, the size of the rooms is different. The smaller individual rooms have closets about half the size of the bigger rooms and fewer bookshelves as well. In response to many complaints, the office explained that the bigger rooms had originally been built for students with disabilities.
“If bigger rooms are only for students with disabilities, why did other students get allocated to those rooms?” questioned a freshman living in the E-house. “It should have been left empty until the fifth application period. The policy is unfair for both the disabled and non-disabled.”
Facing many complaints, the dormitory office promised for several changes. Regarding the door lock problem, the office states that if frequent theft gets reported within the unit, digital door locks or door knobs requiring keys will be installed. The office will also consider lowering the fee for smaller rooms next semester.
“We do acknowledge that the opening of the E-house was rushed,” said Yu Sae-kyung, the director of the dormitory. “It should have been thoroughly cleaned and well prepared. Also, I would like to offer my sincere apology to the residents. ”

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