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CAMSCON, where bold and vibrant fashion ideas of university students bloom
2016년 08월 29일 (월) 19:45:12 Hong Ki-yeon kiyeonhong@ewhain.net
CAMSCON is a social media network that aims to spread the passion for clothes among young people, especially university students. Photo provided by CAMSCON.

For some people, clothes are worn everyday without much thought. To others, clothes are much more than ordinary tools; they express themselves by putting on certain attires. Many university students also take special interest in what they wear each day, whether it is for a light drink with friends or a jaunt outdoors in the sun. CAMSCON is a social media network established to further such interests of young people especially university students.
CAMSCON first began in 2012 as a social media network that enables university students to post photographs of their outfits that they want to share with others. The prelude was a movement among students to show off on-campus fashion styles to the rest of the world, centered on universities in Seoul. It kicked off in Hanyang University and spread to Seoul National, Korea, Yonsei, Ewha and many more. Its contents were initially limited to fashion on campus, but it also currently deals with photo shoots of off-campus models and bloggers.
“I’ve always been interested in fashion,” said Nam Won-jun, the founder and chief editor of the CAMSON’s webpage who majored in business administration at Hanyang University. “I also believe that clothes enable people to express themselves and build up confidence. That is why I began CAMSCON.”
Ha David, a member of the CAMSCON’s platform team further revealed that the relatively low average age of the staff is one of the most prominent traits of CAMSCON.
“I believe that the youthfulness of CAMSCON creates a working environment where workers think of fashion with passion and affection,” Ha commented.

Users can take photos of outfits they want to share with others and post them on CAMSCON's webpage. Photo provided by CAMSCON.

Currently in affiliation with more than 140 universities, CAMSCON assigns one “camtographer” at each school. Camtographers are student photographers who take photos of themselves and others wearing clothes that they want to share. These photographes are uploaded on the CAMSCON’s webpage, which is open to everyone. All camtographers attend a study session where they learn the techniques of photography to take better photos of the ones CAMSCON requires.
Once the photos are taken and posted on the webpage, interested parties, not only camtographers or university students, but also ordinary users can take a look at the uploaded photos. When users discover an outfit that comes into their favor among the photos, they can click on the photo to see the information about the clothes the model is wearing, such as the name of the brand and the price.
“So far, what we have achieved is introducing users only to outfits worn by the models,” Ha explained. “Now, we want to go further and furnish the webpage to provide users with substitute items. For instance, if someone wants to purchase an item that is currently not in stock, we want to be able to give the person information about where he or she can buy a similar attire and at what price.”
Another future plan of CAMSCON is to broaden its influence by running a mobile application. The application is being developed and will be ready to be launched within this fall.
Youthfulness is not the only trait that characterizes CAMSCON. Although a lot of camtographers major in design or textiles, some are from departments that seem to have little to do with clothes on the surface, such as Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. The average male to female ratio of the camtographers each semester is also roughly one to one.
“We wish to be remembered as a community of fashionable people,” Ha replied, when asked how he wishes CAMSCON to be portrayed to university students. “I hope more students would have interest in what we’re doing.”

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