School Changes Scholarship System
School Changes Scholarship System
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  • 승인 2004.11.02 00:00
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   The school announced a new scholarship system on Nov. 26. The transition occurred in an increase in the amount of scholarship for the disadvantaged and a decrease in that given to the students with a qualified Grade Point Average (GPA).
Students in each college with the highest GPA will still be provided with a full scholarship. However, the scholarship which was given to students with GPA over 4.00 has changed its qualification of recipients to those with a GPA within the top 2 percent of their college. This resulted in a decrease from two-thirds to one-half in the school? scholarship provided for each student.
   The 800,000 won scholarship given to students with GPAs over 3.75 has split into two different scholarships: one fourth of tuition fees covered for students with GPA within the top 6 percent of their college and 300,000 won for students with GPA higher than 3.75. &

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