Importance of maintaining dialogue with North Korea
Importance of maintaining dialogue with North Korea
  • Adrien Filoche
  • 승인 2016.06.03 15:51
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Since the 2016, North Korea has shown itself to be particularly aggressive, taking several provocative actions such as a fourth nuclear test on Jan. 6. More recently, Pyongyang test-launched a ballistic missile from a submarine off the country’s east coast on April 23. North Korea’s threat, combined with an inexperienced and unreasonable leader makes it an urgent priority for South Korea and the United States (U.S.). In response to the North’s threats, Seoul and the U.S., in lines with the United Nations Security Council imposed sanctions to the repressive state. However, I do not think that sanctions are the ultimate solution.
The North pushed South Korea to accept its proposal for military talks and open dialogue on May 21. South Korea's unification ministry rejected the offer, qualified as propaganda, and clarified that Pyongyang must first denuclearize if it hopes to bring reapprochement. The tension had peaked, and hopes for dialogue has dwindled down.
“Even as we continue to put pressure on North Korea, we need to try to engage in dialogue and relax tensions,” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on May 25. He also stressed the importance of dialogue and criticized the current government’s unbalanced policy toward North Korea.
I agree with Ban Ki-moon, because I think that sanctions and unbalanced policies will not only make the situation worse, but also dramatically decrease the chances of improving negotiations and reaching agreements. Only dialogue and diplomacy can prevent North Korea’s reckless actions.
In order to prevent any definitive action, it seems obvious that constant dialogue and negotiation are imperative between North and South Korea and the US. All efforts must be put in to avoid any irreversible action and to reduce the incessant pressure. A constructive and fruitful dialogue on human rights is encouraged since it is desirable for both parties despite the nuclear threats. Ban was right in that even if pressure over North Korea is required, dialogue remains as a true solution. South Korea and the U.S. must always leave the options open for dialogue, even whilst using threat and provocation.
Only dialogue can stop North Korea’s nuclear program. Even if their proposals appear to be propaganda, they cannot be ignored. North Korea must give up their nuclear ambition to show the seriousness of its government. Still, Seoul cannot afford to drop its guard, but at the same time, the capital has to leave options open for dialogue, and work on its unbalanced policy.

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