Campus CEO nurturing business established to give students proper care for preparing start-ups
Campus CEO nurturing business established to give students proper care for preparing start-ups
  • Lee Jae-lim
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Campus CEO nurturing business gives students and its participants an opportunity to learn about start-ups professionally-its theories and practices- from the universities they are attending.
Established by collaboration of Seoul city and Seoul Business Agency (SBA), the business started with 13 universities from 2012 fall semester, and selected 17 universities last year for second start of the business. Since the establishment of the project, it has been teaching 2,500 participants with 80 diverse regular courses related to start-ups.
“It’s different with each university, but they all basically teach their students about theories and provide real-time practices for start-ups,” said Kim Sang-hun, the director of this business. “To elaborate, for the theoretical part, participants first learn about the basic questions related to start-ups such as entrepreneurial spirit, and then build up their knowledge to have organized education and theories about start-ups. For the actual practices, students build business models through mentoring of experts in the field and prepare their own business plans, submitting them to contests for measuring their capabilities.”
From this fall semester, the business will be starting with new set of regular courses under the category of new-employment& strengthening of ability process. Each university is planning “Global entrepreneur establishment process,” “Foodtech expert process,” “Digital storytelling,” “One-man multimedia production process,” “Bizplatform SW developer nurturing,” “IOT webtoon creator & 3D fusion of cultural contents process,” and “Virtual reality SW contents development.” 
“SBA is a professional institution which supports small and medium-sized enterprises,” Kim said. “We have been leading South Korea’s start-up education for the last 13 years under the name of Seoul city Start-up school, and we have realized that standard start-up education or financial support will not be enough to solve youth unemployment problem which is skyrocketing higher than ever.”
Through the business, they wanted to give students chances to receive proper education about new employment, which is open to many possibilities since no start-ups have been made in such areas.
Kim revealed their ultimate goal of the business.
“Through our platform, students will be able to build up or choose new jobs that they want to devote themselves,” Kim said.

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