Grade objection system to be implemented starting this semester
Grade objection system to be implemented starting this semester
  • Huh Ryun-jung
  • 승인 2016.06.03 15:30
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Last semester, Kim (alias), a junior from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, was notified of her final grade just a few days before the grade correction period deadline. She had found out about her final grade on EUREKA Portal without prior notification of her assignment and final exam scores. Since her grade was uploaded at the last minute, she was unsure about whether she could still make a grade correction request. With questions about her scores unresolved, she accepted her final grade without objection.
Similar to Kim, there have been students who wished to make a grade correction request but were unsure whether the school’s administrative schedule permitted them to do so. Thus, in order to enhance the credibility of the grading process and students’ convenience, the Registrar will implement a grade objection system from this semester. The new system will supplement the former grade correction system, which enables students to modify incorrect grading result from professors’ clerical mistakes.
Like the grade correction system, the grade objection system will only accept requests related to clerical errors, such as entry errors, miscalculations, or confusion between names. However, it differs from the previous system in that it has a designated objection period and allows students to check grade changes in real time.
If a student finds one’s grade to be different from her expectations, she may submit an objection to the professor during the designated grade objection period. The professor may then review and correct the student’s grade if it contains apparent errors such as  calculation mistakes.
“Previously, students had to contact their instructors individually without knowing whether they would still have time left to change their grades,” said Han Min-young from the Registrar. “Without a designated objection period, some students tried to change their grade after the grade correction period deadline in the past.”
In addition to the introduction of an official grade objection period, students will be able to check their updated grades on EUREKA Portal immediately after the professor makes a grade correction. Before the introduction of the grade objection system, students were unable to check their reconfirmed grade until two to three weeks after making a correction request.
In order to make a grade appeal this semester, a student may make a grade objection by contacting her course instructor by June 29. Then, if the professor decides that he or she has given an incorrect grade due to administrative errors, the Registrar will withdraw the grade confirmation of the course. Grade correction by the professors may continue until July 4. Meanwhile, students will be able to check their modified grades through EUREKA Portal. During the process, students’ grades may be subject to change due to other students’ grade objection until the deadline.
“The grade objection system is part of the school’s effort to improve its administrative services since president Choi’s inauguration in 2014,” Han said. “In order to simplify procedures and increase students’ convenience, the Registrar introduced the online leave of absence application service and simplified the process for the declaration of intent to graduate. Our staff will continue to promote students’ convenience while following school regulations.”

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