Ewha- Now & Then
Ewha- Now & Then
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  • 승인 2004.11.02 00:00
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   Ewha students in the past gathered in front of the crowded "Original Snackhouse" to share their all time favorites like Tteokbokki and kimbab. The taste and warm scents of  such old days is still a subject for the nostalgia of our alumni. Behind the snackhouse, the beauty-salon with a classic signboard stands out even in those days. 

   When Ewha students step outside the front gate, they are surrounded by countless snackshops that stimulate their modern taste such as sandwiches, fusion noodles, and cakes.
   Among these contemporized restaurants, "Original Snackhouse" still stands firmly in its original place despite the change in time and tastes of the Ewha students.  Photo by Cho You-jin

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