What is it like to be man in women’s university
What is it like to be man in women’s university
  • Hugo Daniel Pichon
  • 승인 2016.03.14 11:42
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Quite every time I tell people here in Korea that I am doing my exchange program at Ewha Womans University, they first dont really trust me. When they finally do, they tell me: “Oh, you’re a lucky guy! All these girls are for you!” Well I can’t complain about my life here but it’s not that simple as they might think. Not that simple but it’s lot of fun!
First of all, it is kind of awkward to have a guy in a girls’ environment, both for the girls and the guy. Ewha students are really shy and seem really ashamed when an unexpected guy appears in front of them. For any female student, going to Ewha means going to a great university but also, I feel, going to a safe place, meaning a place clear of men. It’s pretty unusual for me, coming from France, to see students in pajamas, with slippers on and curler in their hair at university. They can even polish their nails while queuing at the bank. Well, they are very comfortable so it is absolutely fine. But they get a bit less uncomfortable when a male student gets into the place. Even if I don’t speak Korean (what a shame!), I can see that: they start laughing and kind of acting awkward. After one semester here, that’s still funny! But it’s also frustrating as I feel like many do not dare to talk to me (or any other male exchange student) because of that.
Nonetheless, the university is ready to welcome male students, even if it’s not the philosophy of a women’s university. The facilities are almost perfect. Almost. Well, there are a lot of male staff here but still, we are in a non-mixed school. The most annoying point I guess is finding bathrooms in some buildings. It took me pretty much one semester to figure out where they are in the central library. Thanks to the help of two lovely Korean Ewha students I now know that you have to go upstairs to the stocks to find some. This also means you better not drink too much when studying on weekends as the upper floors are closed. In winter, it is not fun to go out and get to another building just for that. Apart from that the university suits female as well as male students.
Anyway, coming to a women university as a male student is an enjoyable opportunity. I have to say thanks to Ewha for that! I am feeling really honored I got accepted few months ago. I also have to say thanks to anyone who welcomed me when I arrived here, no matter where I am from or what my gender is. Welcome to all the newcomers!

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