HOKMA College changes students’ liberal arts curriculum
HOKMA College changes students’ liberal arts curriculum
  • Yang Hae-in
  • 승인 2015.11.27 12:52
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Under the HOKMA College of General Education project, the liberal arts curriculum will undergo major changes in the spring semester of 2016. The Center of General Education was reorganized into HOKMA College as part of the Advancement of College Education project to systemize liberal arts courses and achieve specialization of general education. Thus, new courses are in the process of development and some of the existing general requirement courses are also being modified.
New courses are being developed under two areas; basics for multidisciplinary education and future plans. Basics for multidisciplinary education is a combination of liberal arts courses that each department recommends to all students. The courses are mixes of two to three majors within the same department. The future plans area for the HOKMA College will provide students with self-directed education on finding jobs and start-ups. The area will be an expansion and reinforcement of liberal arts courses related to leadership and career development courses that are linked with Ewha Institution for Leadership Development and Career Development Center. Out of the 21 courses planned to be open in 2016, 12 courses of basics for multidisciplinary education area are nearly complete in development.
As for the existing courses, writing classes such as Korean and Writing are being developed to meet the varying needs of students. Park Kwi-cheon, the director of HOKMA College of General Education, explained that students are to receive education that can nurture logical thinking and writing skills, but in a specialized form reflecting the charactersistics of each major, respectively.
“The aim of the project is to develop the textbooks and lecture methods to satisfy the demand of different departments,” Park said. “For example, professors who are working on Korean and Writing are discussing with professors of College of Natural Sciences to reflect what kind of writing education is needed to students of each department.”
H-certifications system will also be introduced to students. All liberal art courses are classified under five fields: Ewha share, future planning, global communication, researcher capability and multidisciplinary knowledge. A certificate will be issued by taking three or more courses of a field and achieving a certain level of result in the courses.
On Dec. 12, an event consisted of foundation ceremony and specialist forum will be held. After celebrating the establishment of HOKMA College, many well-known scholars will lecture on history and future of Ewha’s general education along with various perspectives.
“The goal of HOKMA College is to enrich and systemize Ewha’s general education, which is currently dispersed among different colleges and institutions,” Park said. “In the long run, HOKMA College aims to build a life-time model by linking with lifelong education and K-MOOC.”

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