Importance of challenge and commitment
Importance of challenge and commitment
  • Professor Kim Myoung-hee
  • 승인 2015.09.22 19:50
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I always loved writing, so I dreamed of being a writer and joined a literary club in my school days. I could have studied Korean Literature in college, but I thought it would be better to understand people’s lives first before actually starting my career as a writer. So I decided to major in Sociology. After graduation, I decided to pursue an advanced degree and visited one of my professors for advice, who recommended a position at the Korea Institute of Health and Social Affairs. I conformed to his counsel and soon took up a position at the Institute, where I encountered the computer for the first time. During the days when computer technology was not as advanced or widely known as it is now, getting to work with computers was something entirely new, and the computer lessons were so interesting that I quickly fell for the machines. Thus, although I had started out in one field, Sociology, with the hope of becoming a writer, I was soon immersed in the areas of computing technology.
Meanwhile, the Institute had a program of sending some people to the U.S. to train them as computer experts. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of them. After coming back to Korea, I entered graduate school to study Computer Science, and later went with my husband to take a doctoral course at Gὅttingen University in Germany.
 My love for challenge and broadening out did not end here. After returning from Germany I took up my post as a lecturer at Ewha and Seoul National University. As I gradually adjusted to my new life as a lecturer, I began coaching graduate students and interested myself in research work, merging the two fields of medicine and computer.
Nowadays, a lot of people avoid taking up challenges and leaping into new fields in fear of the unknown. They are afraid that if they dare try the untested waters, they will suffer failures. It is true that some results of challenges can be disappointing and bitter. I myself have had some difficulty due to my ever-changing scope of work. However, challenges do not bring only loss to one’s life – in fact, challenges bring more gain than loss. That is why I believe that taking on a challenge is something that is necessary to ensure a full life.
However, if one was to simply try something new and then drop it without seeing it through to the end, it would be just as bad, if not worse, than not trying it in the first place. Challenges must be accompanied with commitment at all times. Without sincere effort, one may not gain the best result. Jump into something, whether it is big or small – but do so with whole-heartedness and devotion.

Professor Kim Myoung-hee is a professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering. She received her master’s degree from Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Seoul National University and her Ph. D. from Gὅttingen University.

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