My unforgettable one year with Ewha as exchange student
My unforgettable one year with Ewha as exchange student
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Tram-Anh TRAN
(Neoma Business School)
My name is Tram-Anh TRAN, and I am from Neoma Business School in France. I have been an exchange student at Ewha since September.
When I first arrived in Korea, I was impressed by how fast the trends change and innovation progresses.
Most of the foreign girls might have experienced the same thing: cosmetic shops in Korea make you crazy. This street just in front of Ewha main gate is full of temptation because of cosmetic and clothing shops. The packaging are really attractive whether it is Innisfree or Etude House, I wanted to try new products such as cushion foundation or gel nail polish. These brands are not launched in France yet, but will be launched by luxury brands soon, meaning that those are not as affordable as they are in Korea. It is almost the end of my exchange year, and I will probably take back a lot of cosmetics, socks, design items from DDP and any items from Korea that I will miss when I go back.
Second, I easily saw how Korea is the most connected country in the world. Everyone is immersed in their smartphone in the streets, in the subway. I thought it would be tough to live without 3G but actually I survived because you can find Wi-Fi almost everywhere in Seoul. Also, I have never felt so safe as I do in Korea: CCTVs are everywhere and the atmosphere is safe even at late night, in remote places. In France, it is a reflex to look after your belongings. Except foreigner bars in Seoul, you can be reassured. Speaking of night, I will probably miss the Korean nightlife: Sinchon restaurants, Hongdae bars, Gangnam clubs, being able to grab food at any time during the night make Seoul unique.
Everything goes and expands fast here. The restaurants close, open, change. Something new is built within only a few months. I can see how Ewha Rodeo Street area have conspicuously changed from September to December, and until now. Even if I do not like every Korean food, I still enjoy going to the restaurants. I have never eaten outside as much this year. I am certain that as a student, this is a thing you cannot do in Europe.
To tell the truth, studying in Ewha was not my first choice. However, I have no regrets, as I now realize that it is a chance for me. The facilities and Ewha International House II dormitory are really nice compared to facilities at other universities.
Being an exchange student for almost nine months, I have never felt bored as there is always something to explore. There were some hardships during the first semester. However, I learned to adapt and to meet the right people who make me feel home here. I made a list of what I wanted to do before leaving. Now that time flies and I have to leave, I really want to check every place I did not explore yet.

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