Students walking along with fathers in Ansan Jarak-gil
Students walking along with fathers in Ansan Jarak-gil
  • Jang Min-jeong
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Illustration by Jeong Hyun-joo.
Student Services held the event “Walking with Fathers along Ansan Jarak-gil” to celebrate the month of family on May 9. It was the first event that the school has arranged with only students and their fathers to encourage communication with each other and with the school. One hundred teams, with each team consisting of an Ewha student and her father, participated in this event. Students and fathers gathered on campus and hiked Jarakgil, a tortuous walking trail through Muaksan, a mountain in Seodaemungu, for two hours. Not only students and fathers, but also president Choi Kyung-hee, vice president Park Young-il, and many faculty members participated in the event. They gratified fathers’ curiosity about the university as they climbed the mountain and had conversations. Regarding the event, students as well as their fathers were highly satisfied by how it was conducted. “I wanted to spend some time with my father,” said Go Da-yeong, a freshman of College of Social Sciences. “I did not have much time to be with him because I live in the school dormitory. The event was a great opportunity for me to get closer to my father. I wish to participate in another event of this kind in the future, if there is one. But next time, I would like to participate with both of my parents.” Her father also showed a positive response to the event. “The event has a good purpose in that it offers us time to enjoy the month of family,” said Go’s father. The motivated fathers were actually the ones who were behind this program. At the first parents invitation fair “Welcome to the Ewha Family” that was held in February, about half of the attendants were fathers. These fathers asked many questions to the professors who were leading the ceremony. Some of the fathers even took a day off from work to attend the fair. Realizing the active participation of fathers, the university has decided to establish a program where faculty members can communicate with fathers. Originally, the event was originally intended for freshmen and their fathers, but later expanded to include everyone, all undergraduate students and their fathers, who were interested to attend. In the history of Ewha, this event will certainly be remembered as an unique one highlighting the role of fathers in their daughters' pursuit of higher education. “The Office of Student Affairs welcomes all students’ parents as a family member of Ewha,” said an official from the Student Affairs. “We held this parents invitation event to develop a closer bond between the students and parents. The event was opened to offer an opportunity in which students who may lack communication with their fathers can make a pleasant memory together.”

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