Ewha leads new open courseware trend in Korea 3
Ewha leads new open courseware trend in Korea 3
  • Huh Ryun-jung
  • 승인 2015.05.11 09:50
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Share Campus: Space for interaction and learning Under the name of Share Campus, Ewha has expanded the original concept of open courseware (OCW). Share Campus allows Ewha students to actively participate in creating valuable contents regarding the performance of their club activities and personal tips that each wants to share with the Ewha community. Also, the lectures are uploaded with English subtitles provided by students selected by the Institute of Teaching & Learning (ITL). EWHAin Channel, one of the sections of Share Campus, is open to all Ewha students, allowing them to upload their own contents by setting up individual channels. Currently, there are promotions, performance videos, or photos of several clubs such as Ewha Symphonious Amateur Orchestral Sounds (ESAOS), HEAL (a club for dancing), Phototrace (a club for photography), and Polaris (a club for stargazing). Besides the contents of club activities, there are also eye opening works by students, such as hand-drawn maps and reviews of famous restaurants near campus that reached 22,167 hits, and a video of the campus under a format from a series of SNL Korea, a famous Korean comedy program, which reached 19,716 hits. Students actively post their comments under the videos and photos. In this way, Share Campus works as an online space for cultural interaction among students. Students who translate the Ewha lectures into English have worked under the title “Global Contents Leaders” since 2013. Their work also covers the search for recommendable lectures on OCW from various educational institutions and communities around the world. In this regard, ITL wants to broaden the spectrum of lectures uploaded on Share Campus to provide students with access to lectures from other prestigious schools and communities. “I agree with ITL’s intention to promote student participation in enhancing the concept of OCW,” said Kim Da-hyun, a junior majoring in Nutritional Science & Food Management. “Working as a Contents Leader for a year was a valuable experience which helped me to provide original and useful lectures on various academic fields to other students.” ITL is thinking of further ways to create more jobs for translators and to promote interaction among students. “Their job will not simply end in translation, but expand the realm of a contents curator,” said Chun Yun-pil, the team leader of ITL. By allowing students’ participation in the process of enhancing OCW, the school is putting emphasis on the collaboration of professors and students. The collaboration aims to fulfill the original purpose of the open course movement, which is enabling students to explore various majors and academic works.

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