Ewha, stepping stone to my ambitious dreams
Ewha, stepping stone to my ambitious dreams
  • Henry Huang
  • 승인 2015.03.28 09:40
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Henry Huang
(Tamkang University, 3)
So far, it is my 7th month in Korea and the last semester at Ewha. However, I want to say that choosing Ewha Womans University was the wisest decision I have ever made.
I believe fulfilling the main six purposes in Ewha, women’s study, growth of Korean economy, Korean culture, Korean language, and further education would certainly be meaningful for me in my lifetime.
First of all, Ewha has contributed to women’s studies so much, in which I have been interested in for a long time and eager to study. I wanted to learn current trends in women’s studies and explore how they may be applied in my own future career decisions and practices. Women power cannot be underestimated any longer considering its increasing role in the future, so I aimed at this field very early. I am pleased to note that my understanding of academic or social issues of feminism deepened thanks to Ewha’s expertise on them.
Second, as all the countries have witnessed the rapid growth of Korea’s economy, I wanted to figure out the reasons why Korea could progress so fast. By getting along with Koreans and experiencing Korean culture, I think that I have already found the significant factors hidden inside – that is how Koreans make their own country with hard effort and unity. Throughout understanding and taking advantage of Korea as reference, it would be beneficial to a student majoring in international business like me to apply it when doing business in the future.
Third, the characteristics of Korean culture is what I deeply love, so I wanted to experience Korean culture in person for a year. In my spare time, I go traveling around Korea. By visiting cities and country sides on foot, I could feel the sparkling of Korea. That way, not only do I realize the true beauty of Korea, such as the prosperousness of Seoul, spectacular scenes of four seasons in Korea, friendliness of Korean people and local food there, but can also tell others how wonderful Korea is by explaining to them what I experienced in Korea in an eloquent manner.
Fourth, more importantly, with the advanced Korean language proficiency I have gained, I wish I could apply it someday in the future. Having an absolute passion in learning Korean, I think I study harder in order to pursue a higher level of Korean comprehension. As the power of Korean has grown in the recent decades, I would like to run my business with fluent Korean and English to make trade among Asia, America, and countries all around the world.
Last but not least, if I had the chance to pursue higher education in the future, having studied at Ewha must be the most convincing key role. Since I have had a variety of experience and knowledge here, it may persuade others to come to Ewha. Besides, by gaining all the things I mentioned above, it makes me more capable of beginning higher education. Ewha has turned me into a better learner!
To sum up, I wish I could  continue to study here where the atmosphere of intense learning and friendly sharing is extremely beneficial to all students. And I am going to share what I have gained and experienced in Korea with my friends and students in the university in my home country to tell them Korea is different from what they think. Thanks for giving me the chance to study at Ewha. I will take advantage of this opportunity well and reap fruitfully what I sow in this year. Once again, coming to Ewha is the wisest decision I have made in my lifetime.

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