Old computers replaced all around campus for convenience
Old computers replaced all around campus for convenience
  • Park Kyoung-eun
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Computers in the PC rooms at Hak-gwan have been newly replaced to increase the convenience of students' usages. Photo by Ewha Voice.
Eighty-one computers located throughout campus buildings and PC rooms were replaced with better-functioning computers this March.
As a considerable number of computers situated in hallways and PC rooms were slow due to their prolonged use, students who sought to use the computers previously continued to experience inconvenience.
“I often use the computers in the hallways of Hak-gwan to check class materials right before classes and for urgent matters,” said Song Ji-won, a sophomore majoring in Chinese. “However, the computers did not work well. I remember a frustrating time when I had to climb up and down the stairs of the building to find functioning computers.”
In the case of computers in the hallways of Hak-gwan, the Office of Information and Communications (OIC) had installed them with 2GB RAM in 2008. However, the use of these computers for over 7 years gradually caused deterioration. The OIC therefore placed instead secondhand computers with 4GB RAM, which had been produced in 2009.
The replacement was one of the OIC’s efforts to respond to students’ comments on the computers’ slow speed, the OIC stated.
The OIC’s computer replacement cycle follows its budgetary plans. Computers in the PC rooms are replaced every three to five years. Also, the computers in hallways, which are mostly used for web surfing, are replaced every four to five years with second-hand computers.
Students welcome the replacements and look forward to using faster computers.
 “As a student who uses the PC rooms pretty often for utilizing various programs, I think new computers that can manage these  programs will be of great help,” Song said.
The OIC expects that the replacement would boost students’ convenience in utilizing computers.
“The replaced computers are better with developed operating systems and faster RAM speed. These better functions contributes greatly to better overall performance,” said an official from OIC, who wished to stay anonymous.
“We expect that students can utilize the computers more conveniently through the replacement.”
Replacements of 26 computers in Hak-gwan, 16 in Arts & Design Building, 13 in Education Building, seven in Human Ecology Building, six in Physical Education Building, four in Pharmaceutical Science Building, three in Ewha-Samsung Education Culture Building took place. Additionally, two in Law Building, Helen Hall and Ewha Campus Complex were replaced.

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