School confirms to establish new college in 2016
School confirms to establish new college in 2016
  • Yang Hae-in
  • 승인 2015.03.13 16:06
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The establishment of a new college and the transference of some majors to the new college were settled amid controversy.
The details of the new college were made available to students on Feb. 25 via the report of “The Central Steering Committee of Student Representatives,” covering the meeting of the University Board of Trustees.
Along with the establishment of the new college, some of the existing majors, including Clothing & Textiles, International Office Administration, Human Movement Studies, Nutritional Science & Food Management, Health Education & Management, are relocated to the new college.
With the new change, the name of the College of Health Sciences will be changed. In addition, as the school is planning to admit more students to the new college, the College of Music and the College of Art & Design have to reduce their number of admissions by 23 and 15 students each, adjusting the total number of students.
 Such decision of the school provoked uproar from students. The committee criticized the school for enforcing the revision of school regulations without explaining to or discussing with students, as they received a notice of the decision 16 hours prior to the meeting of the University Board of Trustees. After the meeting, the committee additionally pointed out the need for the new college is unclear as it lacks any sense of cohesiveness in bringing together these seemingly unrelated majors. The reason for reducing the capacity of enrollment of the music and art college was also brought into question. The school replied that the matter was decided considering the employment rate and the industrial development.
“When the school conducted a student satisfaction survey, students answered that the school does not provide enough support for finding a job,” said Kim Daein, the associate vice president for University Planning and Coordination. “To meet the students’ needs, the school is endeavoring to make a curriculum that helps students develop abilities that are actually needed by the society.”
In order to convey students’ opinions and oppose the restructuring plan, the committee held a press conference in front of the Main Gate on Feb. 27. The commitee stated that the school should have collected and reflected the students’ opinions in the process of discussion, since they are the ones who are most directly influenced by the change.
Kim emphasized that the school is actually not enforcing the decision on majors. In fact, the school had received applications from majors that are willing to transfer to the new college.
“The professors of majors that are to be relocated are actively participating in mapping out the developmental plans and making the curriculum,” Kim said.
The new college aims to nurture students to become competitive leaders to lead both the domestic and global new industry fields in the future. The common thread that links the different majors in the new college is that they are women-friendly and improves qualities of life.
“The school is planning to promote the new college to students via presentations or orientation sessions to explain more about the new college and persuade students,” Kim said “Creating a new college was planned to foster talented students who can satisfy the social demands and meet the requirements of changing times.”
Considering the students’ positions, the school is also planning to give students a choice whether to transfer to the new college or not. Major courses that students expect from their departments will continue to open.
As time goes by and the school promotes the new college to students, positive opinions  started to form among students.
“I think the establishment of the new college is an effort of the school to develop majors and help students to find jobs after graduation,” You Ye-won (Human Movement Studies, 4) said. “Especially for my department, I expect students will be able to choose what they want to study as the department is being divided into two majors. However, it is unfortunate that the school announced the decision without fully explaining the connection between the majors and the new college, and the identity of the new college.”

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