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OIA holds graduation gathering for international students
2015년 02월 26일 (목) 14:25:11 Huh Ryun-jung ryunhuh@ewhain.net
International students mark their graduation at the graduation gathering. Photo by Huh Ryun-jung.
The Office of International Affairs (OIA) held the annual graduation reception for the Class of 2014 international students on Feb. 23. Held at Room 336 in the Ewha Campus Complex, the event provided an opportunity for graduating international students to reunite with their colleagues and converse with the OIA staff prior to the commencement ceremony held at the Welch-Ryang Auditorium.
A total of 23 international students received their bachelor’s degree including six Ewha Global Partnership Program (EGPP) scholarship students. The EGPP provides full scholarships and living expenses to potential female leaders from developing countries. Graduating students and their families from countries such as Thailand, Poland and Russia gathered together to celebrate their graduation. International students expressed their hope to get a job in Korea but also work globally. Ewha Voice sat down with several students to learn about their life at Ewha and their future plans.
Moonsri Kingkarn (’14, Political Science & International Relations)
“The most memorable experience for me at Ewha was when students helped me during class. Before coming to this university, I was worried that the differences between Korean and Thai culture would make it difficult for me to adjust to life in Korea. However, students at Ewha were kind and cooperative, helping me familiarize with the Korean culture.
During the four years at Ewha, I worked as an intern at Samsung Life Insurance and gained experience in the business sector. I recently had a job interview with the same company and am currently waiting for the results.”
Sribunpotpattana Lapassanan (’14, Korean Language & Literature)
“I learned from Ewha students that balancing academic studies and extracurricular activities is possible. Students at Ewha not only study hard during exam periods but also participate in various activities.
While attending Ewha, I was able to engage in extracurricular activities like my colleagues. I am working as an intern at Amore Pacific and recently had an executive job interview. The interviewers told me that I will be initially working in Korea for 18 months. Then, I will be dispatched to the Amore Pacific branch in Thailand, the country where I am from.”
Dominika Kurtosz (’14, Painting) 
“The best experience for me at Ewha was interacting with people from diverse cultures. As an international student, I was able to learn about people from diverse backgrounds. Also, the classes at Ewha gave me the opportunity to try many things that I could not have experienced in western nations. For instance, because I majored in painting, I had a chance to practice oriental paintings in addition to the western counterpart. I am planning to stay in Korea and attend the Ewha Graduate School of Design to further study fine arts.”
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