National University of Singapore champions globalization 2
National University of Singapore champions globalization 2
  • Kang Na-min
  • 승인 2015.02.26 13:37
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Students from diverse countries come to NUS looking for new high-quality education in global environment. Photo by Kang Na-min.
*Bringing world inside campus
In the morning, heading for the next class, students from diverse cultural backgrounds get off a shuttle bus. Using various languages starting from English to Malay, students talk about assignments given by their professors from Canada.
Widening its scope from developing its own curriculum, NUS has opened its gates to great students and professors from all around the world in order to create a global environment inside the campus. In 2014, around 37,000 students came from about 100 countries.
“To ensure our students to have high educational experience that is not very different from top universities in the world, we make sure to hire top-ranking professionals and experts from other countries and have good infrastructure,” professor Ashraf articulated.
Proving its efforts, NUS ranked as the top university in Asia by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) in 2014, achieving the full credit for international ratio of the faculties and students.
“Through the different stories offered by professors, I am truly learning beyond what textbooks have to offer and this has definitely enriched my education,” See Cheng Hui Cassandra (NUS, 2) said.
Using these brilliant human assets, NUS provides the environment for students to interact with highly educated students and professors. Tutorial is one example that evidently shows its merits. Aside from lectures, students can also meet with professors or graduate student tutors in smaller groups to disc what they learned in lectures.
“Tutorial classes make up great opportunities for us to clarify any doubts we have because the smaller class size often means that we get more personalized attention,” Sim Wan’er (NUS, 2) said. “Most importantly, tutorial lessons help us consolidate what we have learned in lectures and sometimes even allow us to gain a deeper level of understanding of the material we learned.”
Moreover, befriending with people from various countries opens up new opportunities.
“When I look for a job in the future, these human networks I organized such as friends from Vietnam and China will bring me great advantages,” said Kim Do-hun (NUS, 1), a full-time Korean international student.

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