47th SGA presidential election: competitive spirit rises in Ewha 3
47th SGA presidential election: competitive spirit rises in Ewha 3
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Moving Ewha

Q: What are your motives for running for the 47th SGA?
Kang: While working at the Ewha Central Management Committee, I became interested in school matters such as tuition and the relative grading system. I wanted to run an SGA that communicates with the university to tackle these problems.
Q: What is the meaning of “Moving Ewha?”
Kang: “Moving” questions the current stagnant SGA and calls for more demand to the school.
Q: Which campaign promise do you prioritize?
Kang: The right to education is our topmost priority. Specifically, our focus is on reducing tuition fees and preventing college restructuring.
Q: Do you have a specific plan to enact this election commitment?
Kang: There is little students can do in the school-centered composition of the TSC. Thus, we plan to first make the committee student-centered by increasing the number of student members in the organization. Afterwards, we will hold SGA assemblies on tuition costs to mobilize support. Once the semester starts, we will hold discussions with the president of Ewha to express our demands. We plan to hold TSC meetings throughout the year and take action.
Q: Are there any other remarks you would like to deliver to students at Ewha?
Kang: We want everyone to understand our sincerity toward students at Ewha. We will run an effective SGA with your support.

Reporters: Yang Hae-in, Huh Ryun-jung

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