47th SGA presidential election: competitive spirit rises in Ewha 1
47th SGA presidential election: competitive spirit rises in Ewha 1
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Photo provided by "Together Ewha"

As Synergy Ewha’s term is coming to an end, the 47th Student Government Association (SGA) presidential election will be held from Nov. 18 to 19. After two consecutive years of sole candidates' entrance in the SGA election, two candidates are running for the upcoming SGA presidential election: Together Ewha and Moving Ewha. Together Ewha is represented by presidential and vice-presidential candidate Park Yu-jin (Composition, 2) and Son Sol (Psychology, 2) respectively, whereas Moving Ewha is each led by presidential and vice-presidential candidate Kang Da-young (Social Science Education, 3) and Jo Jin-young (Painting, 3). The Ewha Voice met both parties to discuss their campaign pledges.

The 47th SGA presidential election process
From Oct. 30 to Nov. 19, the presidential election process for the 47th SGA was held. The recommendation signing period for potential candidates of the 47th SGA was from Oct. 30 to Nov. 3. As a result, Together Ewha and Moving Ewha both signed up as official candidates. After recruiting election campaign supporters on Nov. 4, both candidates promoted their policies and pledges from Nov. 5 to 17 in front of the Welch-Ryang Auditorium and in major areas on campus. During the election on Nov. 18 and 19, students will vote for their favored candidates.
During the first public campaign in front of the Ewha Womans University Museum on Nov. 11, Together Ewha and Moving Ewha were allotted 30 minutes each to hold out campaign performances and give speeches on their pledges. Park Yu-jin (Composition, 2) who is running for president as a member of Together Ewha was the first to give a speech regarding her pledges on tuition policies and zero credit system.
“The abolishment of zero credit system was decided by the school without any sort of student agreement,” Park said. “We would like to maintain a cooperative environment for students' academic achievements by pursuing Ewha students’ opinions on new policies and systems the school is planning to implement.”
Son Sol (Psychology, 2), the vice presidential candidate of Together Ewha, gave a follow-up speech on the foreign tourist problem and student cafeteria monitoring system.
During Moving Ewha’s campaign session, Kang Da-young (Social Studies Education, 3), candidate running for president, and Jo Jin-young (Painting, 3), candidate running for vice president, both gave speeches on their pledges on tuition and academic environments.
“The 47th SGA will attain a 10 percent decrease in tuition through systematic procedures,” Kang said. “We will progress towards not only tuition cuts but also improvement of the scholarship system to alleviate students’ financial issues.”
The second public campaign will be held on Nov. 17 in front of the Ewha Womans University Museum, and polls will be given from Nov. 18 to 19. For votes to be validated, over 50 percent of votes among the entire student population are required. If the voting rate is below the requirement, the election period may be extended. Candidates will need the majority number of votes in order to be elected the 47th SGA.

Reporters: Yang Hae-in, Huh Ryun-jung

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