Law of attraction works!
Law of attraction works!
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Has anyone heard about the law of attraction? Its principle lies in the idea that “like” attracts “like,” that how one thinks, either positively or negatively, attracts or begets either positive or negative results. In other words, the positive or negative energy one exerts determine  respective outcomes. Although it is not a legitimate “law” or “theory” supported by scientific evidence, it is one that I strongly believe in and abide by.
Although I was not aware of the exact term, I began to believe in the power of attitude in my high school years. Blocking negative thoughts and saturating my mind with encouraging words, I was able to achieve many goals, some of which were being selected into a school musical and admitted to Ewha, and receiving the score I aimed for on the SAT. Such positive mindset motivated me to work harder to turn mere belief into reality.
The other case was also true, incidents in which the negative energy dominated and affected the process and outcome. Pessimistic attitude in taking certain exams and maintaining relationship with particular friends lowered effeciency and motivation. The result was unattractive; I received low grades on the exams and alienated the friends. These success and failure experience enlightened one truth, that positive energy not only makes one happier but also brings merrier results.
Ever since I realized the intriguing power of the law of attraction, I try to maintain cheerful attitude in whatever situation I confront. When faced with a problem, I tend to scale it down and regard it as a minor difficulty that can be fixed if I have the will to do so.I also try to take bold stride to explore my limit even though the outcome may seem unpredictable and ambiguous. Having been through the trail and error stage, I can now confidently state that optimism is the virtue I find most valuable.
Although one cannot be positive all the time, it is important to always try to maintain the optimism. Positive thinking and constant encouragement cannot hurt. Take my trial and error experience as a notable advice and give it a try. Let us continue to unravel the secrets of the law of attraction and make full use of them.

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