Former student ID card becomes unavailable
Former student ID card becomes unavailable
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The former Ewha Student Identification (ID) card has been announced to be no longer available starting from Nov. 12. Students using the former ID card must visit the Student Service Center (SSC) to request for an exchange to the new student ID card.
As the Act on the Protection of Personal Information has been amended this August, Ewha has made a decision to stop all usages of the Ewha multi-functional card, which contained information that is not allowed to be collected, and replace it with a new one based on a check and debit card.
“The former student ID card cannot be used anymore since it is equipped with the resident registration number whose collection is prohibited according to the revised Act on the Protection of Personal Information,” said Kim Ja-won, an official from the Student Services. “However, the newly issued card has an encrypted IC chip instead.”
According to the decision, it is mandatory for those who have issued their student ID card before March 1, 2013 to request an exchange at the SSC. Registration for the new ID card begins from Oct. 29 to Nov. 2 at Room B303 in the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC). Those who would like to add the check and debit card function should register online through the notice on the school’s homepage starting from Oct. 3 to 14 and further confirm the registration afterwards at the Shinhan Bank located on the fourth basement level of the ECC. The exchange fee is free at the first issuance. However, subsequent reissuance due to personal accidents costs 5000 won. The distribution of the new ID cards will be held from Nov. 3 to 5 at the SSC.
Students who wish to use their already-existing account connected with their former student ID card are to insert their original account number when registering online. Furthermore, the financial functions such as K-cash charged in the former ID card should be asked for a refund before the issuance.
“I think the new student ID card is more convenient as multiple functions are integrated into it,” said Seok-young Kim (International Studies, 3). ”Though it is unsatisfactory that the exchange period is short, I believe the change is positive as the new card is more secure in protecting personal information and more practical.”

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