Reviewing past nine months' activities with Synergy Ewha
Reviewing past nine months' activities with Synergy Ewha
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Ewha Voice conducted a survey on Synergy Ewha's greatest accomplishments targeting 500 students at Ewha.
Nine months have passed since the term of Synergy Ewha, the 46th Student Government Association (SGA), started. During the 2014 presidential election campaign, Synergy Ewha made pledges under five main categories: Tuition and scholarships, student welfare, education rights, culture and social participation. The Ewha Voice has looked back at Synergy Ewha’s fulfillment of its pledges throughout the nine months so far.
Tuition and scholarships
Synergy Ewha demanded for tuition cuts and expansion of scholarships. Accordingly, tuition and entrance fee were both reduced by 0.6 percent since the spring semester 2014, and the total amount of scholarship funds offered increased by 26 billion won compared to the previous year.
Student welfare
As promised, Synergy Ewha launched the mobile student identification application and solved the Eureka site problem of its delayed access due to the requirement of updating Java program by making the Java update optional. Along with these changes, the S-membership Card service has been adopted. The service provides discounts at off-campus restaurants around Ewha campus and Sinchon area to relieve students’ economic burden. This is the same service as the “On Card” system that was adopted last year.
Education rights
Synergy Ewha had also promised to enlarge the number of classes, guarantee the quality of lectures taught by instructors and change the evaluation system, which are from the education rights category. Although the three plans have not yet been fully accomplished, the school has replied to consider implementing the changes in near future. In fact, Ewha’s former president Kim Sun-uk has specifically promised to enlarge the numbers of classes at the public interview held in late May.
Overall evaluation
Regarding Synergy Ewha’s efforts and achievements on the subject, students have shown their opinion through a survey conducted by the Ewha Voice. According to the survey targeting 550 students from Sept. 17 to 22, the 43 percent of the respondents ranked “student welfare” as the category that Synergy Ewha most stands for. “Education rights” came as second place at 13 percent. Among these 189 students, 34 percent responded that the implementing “new policies to restrict foreign tourists” was the greatest accomplishment, followed by “improving the student cafeteria” (20 percent); and starting the “Freshmen Welcoming business” (10 percent). However, 35 percent of the students hoped to see more accomplishment in “tuition cuts,” and 19 percent of students each responded for “expansion of scholarships” and “adoption of relative evaluation system.”
Overall, Synergy Ewha scored 6.18 on a scale of one to ten for student satisfaction. 
“We will continue to make efforts to accomplish the pledges made in the categories of student welfare throughout the second semester,” said Seong Hee-yeon (Geography Education, 4), the president of the 46th SGA. “We will specifically focus more on improving the student cafeteria. Since the public interview has been successfully held with the former president, we have requested another public interview with the current president to accomplish the promises we have left unaccomplished.”

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