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Living as Ewha student in Korean society
2014년 09월 14일 (일) 20:37:38 Nam Jeong-min evoice@ewha.ac.kr


Nam Jeong-min

(Liberal Arts, 2)


Quite a long time has already passed since I entered Ewha and another semester has already started.
Living as an Ewha student is quite meaningful to me. Ewha is one of the best universities in Korea.
In addition, Ewha is becoming more and more famous for its status as a place of long standing education and I am very proud of it. Ewha has turned out a lot of talented graduates and many of them are now playing key roles in the Korean society.
Even in the 21st century, most of the societies are still man-dominated, especially in Korea, and women are sometimes discriminated for unacceptable reasons.
However, despite this fact, a lot of Ewha's graduates are pretty faithful to their own roles and actually leading Korean society even better than men do. That is why I am very proud of being an Ewha student.
Another special reason for living as an Ewha student is due to the fact that my mother was actually an Ewha student as well.
My mother entered Ewha in 1987 and whenever I hear some stories from her, I can imagine Ewha of that time and it is quite touching. Once I saw an old photo of my mother which was taken at the "old" Ewha with her friends.
Ewha was somewhat different at that time: the main gate was not that big, no Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) of course, and there were much more trees. But still, I could recognize some buildings that were exactly same as they are now. Especially the auditorium, where we attend chapel every week, and Hak-gwan were exactly same.
My mother used to take classes at Hak-gwan when she was a student and I myself usually have classes at Hak-gwan too. It's really interesting whenever we talk about the classrooms and some strange structures of Hak-gwan.
Being Ewha student is also meaningful to me as Ewha is a "womans" university, the place for women only. Actually, I did not like this point during my freshmen year. I thought it would be boring if there are only girls in college and most of all, how can I make a boyfriend if this place is only for women?
However, as time passed, my thoughts changed. Since Ewha is "womans" university, it is the best place for women to study, take a rest and plan for their future. For example, I love to take a rest on ECC sofas when I am tired. They are really comfortable and soft and sometimes I also sleep on those sofas.
One day, right after I woke up from the sweet nap on ECC sofa, I once thought "Would I be able to take a rest or sleep on sofas at school this freely if Ewha was co-ed?"
The answer was absolutely not. It would be really uncomfortable and bothering. ECC is quite a public place but who cares? We do not need to be ashamed or embarrassed because there are no men at Ewha. Furthermore, Ewha cares about its students pretty well comparing to other universities.
There are various centers for finding employment, applying for exchange students and even professional counseling for diverse subjects.
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