Ewha ranks top 10 in Dream University for Youth Ranking
Ewha ranks top 10 in Dream University for Youth Ranking
  • Lee Yoon-soo
  • 승인 2014.09.13 10:47
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Ewha Womans University was selected as a Dream University for Youth on Youth Dream University Evaluation, conducted by Dong-A Ilbo, Channel A and Deloitte Consulting.
The evaluation was made on 49 universities out of 198 four-year universities in Korea that are considered to have high quality educational infrastructure.
Youth Dream University Evaluation has been implemented since 2013 to examine university capacity and competence of supporting students’  employment and business start-up.
With the criteria comprised of infrastructure relevant to employment and start-up, students’ satisfaction and using rate, an in-depth survey was conducted on 100 students in their senior year at 49 universities. Students majoring in medical science, pharmacy, art and music were not included.
In contrast to other evaluation systems which put emphasis on each criterion accordingly, Youth Dream University Evaluation gathered students’ opinion by determining weighted value based on the criteria that students think are more necessary.
Excluding the employment rate and solely focusing on universities’ support on employment and start-up, Gachon University, Dong-A University, Sogang University, Soon Chun Hyang University, Yeungnam University, Woosong University, University of Ulsan, Chungbuk National University, Hanlym University and Ewha Womans University ranked top 10.
“Based exclusively on university’s support on employment, Ewha has been selected as an outstanding school since last year,” an official at the Ewha Evaluation Team said. “However, considering the glass ceiling for women in Korean society, we hope people would not evaluate women’s university only based on the employment rate.”
Ewha Womans University ranked top five in extracurriculum programs such as camps and special lectures related to employment.
“Ewha was conspicuous in its efforts to support students’ employment even during vacation,” said an official at the evaluation team at Dong-A Ilbo. “Students could participate in simulated job interview, consultation on self-introduction and camps for understanding business ability.”
Ewha is supporting 17 start-up clubs and is sending students abroad annually to broaden their perspectives on business. Six clubs have been to China, France, Spain and Indonesia this year.
Youth Dream University Evaluation pursues the goal of breaking the fixed ranking of universities, which is based on ranking of entrance and research.
“As we focus on how universities put effort in supporting students’  employment and start-ups, ranking among universities is relatively flexible,” an official at the evaluation team at Dong-A Ilbo. 

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