Pursuit of ecological society through environmental sustainability in Holland 4
Pursuit of ecological society through environmental sustainability in Holland 4
  • Jang Ji-won
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Univeristy of Groningen strives for greener world and encourages participation from students and faculty members
Karel Bosman explains the goals and roles of EnTranCe, a collaborative center between universities and campuses. Photo by Jang Ji-won.
RUG’s green collaboration with community
The RUG’s efforts in environmental sustainability do not stop and stay within its campus. The RUG goes on to collaborate with other outside organizations to help the community, the world become a greener place. One such on-going collaboration is EnTranCe, which stands for Energy Transition Centre. EnTranCe is linked to the Energy Academy Europe, which is an initiative of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, University of Groningen, Energy Valley and GasTerra.
EnTranCe provides a hotspot, a network for students, researchers and companies to research and test out new ideas and to develop such innovations into actual products or services soon to be distributed in the market.
“We want to do research close to people: close to you, close to me, close to families, streets, students, small and medium enterprises,” listed Karel Bosman, the Account Manager of Energy Academy Europe. “We are busy with many small research programs in the area down scale, at the end of the energy distribution system. So this lab is living up very close to the market.”
Although EnTranCe is still in the process of growing and extending, it is already up and running. The students involved in the projects of EnTranCe participate in the research and experience first-hand how industries are working on the field of energy transition.
“It is very important for students and for us to test the students if they can do what they want to do in the future, to find out if they understand their own field of study and the application of that science,” Bosman commented.
EnTranCe serves as a network for various fields under the topic of energy transition. Researchers, professors, economists, technicians, lawyers, businessmen and more all come together to collaborate for environmental sustainability.
“I think we will find us in future history books because we are the biggest robbers of natural energy sources who ever lived on the planet Earth,” Bosman declared. “But I hope there will be a sign behind that sense where stands ‘but.’ We are indeed the robbers of the industry but we were involved in the new sustainable energy world from the start.”

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