Bitter swede farewell to Ewha Voice
Bitter swede farewell to Ewha Voice
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Upon the minute hand completing its circle, whispers, page turning noises halt at once. Each ready with pens and packets, 20 reporters await for the cue to begin. The editor-in-chief sitting at the innermost corner overlooking the office with the charismatic and resolute disposition speaks, “We will begin the conference for the first issue of March.” The formal, professional aura gave me a fancy and glamour that I was a part of the real, adult world. Only soon did I realize those words and the way she said them contained a bigger meaning, the immense obligations and responsibilities required to me in the Ewha Voice.
Being a reporter has been one of the toughest and challenging experiences that I have ever encountered. Putting together a paper on a bi-weekly basis is a painstaking process as I had to pursue academics alongside. Working on a deadline, searching for items for news, interviewing, and translating Korean quotes and interviews into English are all things that I have challenged and tested my capabilities. However, because of these challenges I have grown into someone who can take more initiative, act promptly and sensitively to any changes in my surrounding, and cooperate better with others.
I have realized that the Ewha Voice is fueled by the reporters who dedicate themselves to excellence and staunch loyalty to the newspaper. Ewha Voice gave me an immense sense of stability in my life. Co-workers are the best people I have had the fortune to meet on this campus and I was able to bond with them in a way that would not have been possible elsewhere on campus. I knew I would have somewhere to go between classes, and when I arrived, there would be a crowd of my colleagues with whom I can chat, have lunch, and rely on. It has been a real privilege to work with them. Even the mere presence now really comforts me.
My two year and half journey that never seemed to end will be officially over with this semester, but all the good times and all the good people I met will never fade. And I don’t view this as farewell. I will return to being an avid reader of Ewha voice and continue to contribute to the newspaper

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