Hendrix College: Small but full of excitement
Hendrix College: Small but full of excitement
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Located in the middle of Conway, Hendrix College has a beautiful and natural campus. Photo provided by Zachary Ryan Cumbie.

Hendrix College is an exciting and fast-paced private liberal arts college located in Conway, Arkansas, USA. As a small residential college, it is very different from Ewha Womans University, with a tight night community and exciting social life. Hendrix College is renowned for its an extremely high quality of education with integration of many social events, club meetings, parties and concerts open to the entire student body.

The school is located in the middle of Conway, with a beautiful and natural campus which is in contrast to the pleasant small-town atmosphere of the surrounding area. With a student body of only 1300 students, students are extremely close to each other, and by the end of each semester, there are no an unfamiliar faces on campus.

Just as impressive as the social atmosphere of Hendrix College is the level of education. While Hendrix is a small school, it offers many departments and exciting classes to offer. Majors include Political Science, Religious Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Classics, Spanish, French, Accounting, Business, Philosophy, International Relations and many more. All courses are taught by professors who focuses on teaching, not on research, and who are very passionate about their majors subjects matter. Classes are small, averaging between 10 to 15 students depending on the department, and the professors are extremely helpful and encouraging, taking lots of time out of their schedules to help aid students.

Every department has its own strength. The ones that I am most familiar with are the Departments of Political Science and Religious Studies. Political Science is a very strong department, with professors covering a wide range of issues, from Democratization and Development, to Gender Issues, to the studies of the International System. Within the department, students divide their time amongst each subfield of Politics, and are able to take classes that suit their interests.

Due to the size of the school, each professor maintains a niche, and is able to offer courses that vary due to their perspectives and experiences.

There are professors who run for political office, who worked as ambassadors, who participated in equality movements, and who had other diverse experiences. They are all professors who know how to blend the academic and the real worlds, and who teach real lessons.

What is even more fun than that is the Department of Religious Studies. It is a small department tucked away into a cozy little building with a lounge and free coffee all day long. The professors are all experts in various kinds of theologies, and they often share students and discussions with the philosophy professors. Because of this, there is always an energetic atmosphere, with lots of interesting debates and lectures and discussions, as well as trips to the local bar to discuss and debate with the professors. The Department of Religious Studies also contains some of the most interesting characters on campus. It is a popular major for many people with musical talent, and the chair of the department often brings his guitar to class to serenade students.

Hendrix College is an excellent private liberal arts college in  Arkansas. It provides all students, regardless of their status as full-time or exchange, with the opportunity to deeply engage in an open and welcoming social scene, to engage in many cultural events, and to experience daily life in the United States. Studying at Hendrix College is an excellent way to see a new culture that is very different from that of Korea, while having access to an excellent education and to all the excitement and fun of an American college campus.

*Zachary Ryan Cumbie (Political Science & International Relations, 3) studies at Ewha as an exchange student.

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