SSC holds explanatory conference on Overseas Program II
SSC holds explanatory conference on Overseas Program II
  • Chung Che-yoon
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One of the team members presents their findings earned from the Ewha Overseas Program during the conference.

Student Service Center (SSC) held an explanatory conference on Ewha Overseas Program II, which  launched in 2013 at the Student Union Building Theater.

The conference was organized to look back at the first achievements of the program, and to inform Ewha students of its further plan. Participants who engaged in the Overseas Program II also participated in the conference to report on their findings and results.

At first, the president of the Office of Student Affairs, professor Shin Ha-yoon (Chinese), gave a welcoming speech  and mentioned the original intention of the program.

“Before launching the Overseas Program II, the school had numerous worries regarding safety,” Shin said. “Since there were no advisors or professors to follow, the students had to organize everything on their own when they went overseas. We are glad the students have returned safely, and presented results that exceeded our original expectations.”

Following the speech, the SSC reported on the overall progress of the overseas program.

“Numerous students showed interest, with a total of 87 teams applying,” said Kim Ji-eun, an official in the SSC who is in charge of the program. “Going through intense competitions including presentations and interviews, the school selected six teams. All of them completed their journeys successfully with outstanding results.”

The six teams all participated in the conference to present their findings during the journey. Each of them went through in-depth research on their topics: school violence, official development assistance, village community, women’s college and so on. Despite the difficulties, all of the team members managed to safely complete their projects.

“By taking the course entitled Share Leadership, we became interested in the topic of village community,” said one of the members of Co-Munity, one of the teams chosen for the overseas program. “We had to put in our best effort in every process, from preparing the interview to organizing this presentation, because all of us were freshmen who lacked knowledge in the topic compared to other teams. If there are first-year students who want to try out for this program, try your best instead of worrying about the limitations.”

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