CDC initiates Online Career Mentoring for Ewha students
CDC initiates Online Career Mentoring for Ewha students
  • Chung Che-yoon
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Career Development Center (CDC) launched online Career Mentoring for job-searching Ewha students on Feb. 14. It is a system that allows Ewha students to receive help from graduates who work in various fields such as finance, foreign-affiliated firms, public service and journalism. After recognizing the students’ need for employment and future planning, CDC decided to initiate the mentoring program.“Even though there are numerous students who want to gain information on their career, it is difficult for them to find a way to communicate with someone who works in the field,” said Kim Ki-young, a rearcher from CDC. “To satisify these needs, CDC launched Online Career Mentoring for students to participate in real-time Q&A.”Online Career Mentoring is different from other career-related programs operated by CDC in that students can receive help regardless of time and place.Online Career Mentoring is comprised of 125 Ewha graduates who have volunteered to become the mentors. CDC held the appointing ceremony with the members on Jan.15 at Lee San-Bong Hall. Nine of them have been selected as the representative mentors of each field. The progam is open to all Ewha students without any specific registration process. Students can log in to the Web site ( using their portal student identification number and password.They are able to submit three questions per mentor, which will be sent directly to mentors’ Ewha portal e-mail addresses. The Web site also consists of interviews of each representative mentors, so that the users could receive basic information of those people.Students welcome the launch of the new career mentoring system. “Even though I always felt the need to participate in CDC programs, it was not so easy since I did not have enough time to visit there in person,” Ki Hyun-soo (Business, 3) said. “I believe that the program will allow me to take part more actively in gaining help from the alumni, since it does not require any complex process to participate.” CDC aims to prepare Ewha students to build successful careers in the future by earning helpful advises from online mentoring.“We hope that online career mentoring could largely contribute to Ewha students’ career, and wish students who gained help could one day become a career mentor in the future.” Kim said.

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