Memorable moments of 2013 2
Memorable moments of 2013 2
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Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
An opening ceremony for the Ewha Donor’s Wall was held at the Ewha Campus Complex on May 9. The wall was constructed as one of the events for Ewha’s 127th anniversary in order to pay a greater tribute as well as gratitude toward the donors. Ewha Donor’s Wall consists of two walls: the Digital Wall and the Analogue Wall. On the Digital Wall, all 18,733donors’ names and Ewha’s vision to become a hub for women leaders are included. On the Analogue Wall, 221 large sum donors’ names were inscribed on wooden blocks, each name glowing with light.

Ewha further reduced tuition by 1.5% for 2013. The decision was reached as a means to relieve students’ and their partents’ financial burden in today’s economically pressing time. It has been two consecutive years in which a reduction in tuition has been implemented at Ewha.

Ewha celebrated its 127 ceremony at the Welch-Ryang Auditorium on May 31. The Ewha Womans University Alumni Association’s Homecoming Day was held after the awards ceremonies and special guests of honor who graduated Ewha 30 or 50 years ago were invited.

Students’ payment rate concerning the student union fee decreased substantially this year. Compared to 77.91 million won for last year’s spring semester, the student union fee for this year’s first semester amounted to only 582,000,000won, showing a decrease of approximately 25 percent. The student union fee is paid selectively by Ewha students during the tuition payment period. Usually about 70 to 80 percent of the registered students pay the student union fee. However this year, only 8,314 out of 16,083 Ewha students made the payment, resulting in a low payment rate of about 50 percent. The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) thinks this phenomenon may be a result of recent negative publicity. Following the substantial decline rate of the fee, the SGA is suffering from financial difficulties.


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